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5 Essential Skills Every Marketer Should Have in Programmatic Advertising

The end of traditional advertising jobs is near. Not only is programmatic at the forefront of many marketers’ minds – it also requires whole new marketing skills to accommodate changing roles and responsibilities. Here are some of the most essential skills and behaviors marketers should possess in order to get the most out of their programmatic campaigns.

We’ve all heard the statistics: Two out of three marketers now use programmatic advertising for their brand campaigns. But do we really always know what we’re doing? Perhaps not – because the skills required to be a programmatic marketer are quite different from what we’ve been taught in our university marketing lessons.

1. Welcome to Tech Talk!

The number of technology platforms for programmatic advertising has been increasing at an explosive rate over the last couple of years. As a marketer, it’s no longer an option to avoid being involved in technology-related discussions. Whether we’re talking about SSP, DSP or a number of other acronyms, you simply need to know the name of the game. The challenge: The speed of innovation is ever increasing, so you can never rest assured that, once acquired, your domain knowledge will last for long.

2. It’s a Big Data World

Programmatic is a concept that is fundamentally based on data. There’s no way you can get around digging into the numbers because the quality of your data can make or break your campaign in the end. But it’s not just about understanding your own data – you also need to know where to tap other appropriate data sources that can help you achieve your goals. Yes, it’s a Big Data world.

3. Flexibility – Many Channels, Multiple Formats

While the good old advertising world was laid out relatively clearly, the new age of programmatic is a bit more complex. As a marketer, you want to reach your target users on every potential channel and with a perfectly tailored ad format. And here’s the thing: While in the past you were able to pick and choose from an »ad menu« with predefined channels and formats, now anything is possible. You’re the one who decides, which means you need to be quite savvy when it comes to the various opportunities the new digitalized advertising world has to offer.

4. Understand the Customer Journey

It may sound trivial, but understanding the journey of the user you want to reach with your campaign has become imperative. People interact with a brand on various channels, any of which is an important touchpoint. As a brand, you need to map and scrutinize the most important touchpoints where you interact with your target group and create an experience that goes beyond a single display ad, TV spot or billboard – a customer lifetime experience. Sounds simple, but anyone who’s seriously trying knows that it isn’t.

5. Let It Go!

Now that we’ve discussed quite a few of the new challenges you’ll have to deal with as a modern marketer, here’s a truth that might irritate you: There are so many innovations being made around us every day, every minute, every second. There’s simply no way to keep track of things if you don’t embrace the idea of delegating to the magic of machines. Whether it’s smart algorithms or artificial intelligence – you’ll need to rely on technology and the processes it can automate. Learn to trust technology and what it can do for you! We’re more than happy to embark on that journey with you.

The bottom line: Billions of dollars in advertising spending are managed programmatically these days. Virtually every advertiser, publisher and agency is part of the programmatic game. But there’s a whole new world of challenges and opportunities that needs to be understood – and that requires a completely different skill- and mindset than many marketers were trained in.

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