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Programmatic Beyond Online – 6 Reasons Why You Should Not Ignore Offline Opportunities

Discussions on programmatic advertising opportunities rarely leave the online horizon – a big misconception! There’s plenty of innovation in TV, radio and out of home advertising as programmatic expands it’s scope to offline media. Scale and automation will eventually reach traditional media, creating completely new opportunities for advertisers.

Programmatic has changed the advertising industry, reaching new dimensions in terms of scale and automation. The focus has been mainly on online media though. The next big wave in advertising is approaching: Programmatic enters the field of classic offline media. Let’s take a look at the new opportunities and the additional benefits you can achieve.

1. Offline Media Meets People in Real Life

Yes, people are addicted to smartphones. The average user checks its mobile phone up to 50 times a day. But let’s not forget that there are moments when they don’t. These are the moments when people leave their home to enjoy real life – disconnected, physical, offline. And these are the moments when offline advertising creates massive value. Think of billboards you pass on your way to work, providing the latest traffic information.

2. Different Context Creates Higher Value

Offline campaigns reach people in an extremely valuable context. When sitting at your computer or working on your smartphone, you usually want to get things done. Online ads might sometimes interrupt you from what you’re trying to achieve. And when exposed to too many ads, you might even get annoyed. Offline ads work differently and reach people in a context where they can be extremely helpful as described in the previous example.

3. Offline Media Is Mass Media

Despite the shift to online media: Classic offline media like TV, radio and billboards reaches billions of people everyday, providing gigantic viewability for advertisers. There’s no reason why we should ignore this massive potential.

4. The Best of Both Worlds

From a marketer’s perspective, the combination of online and offline channels are clearly the most promising development. Integrated advertising campaigns that start online, continue offline and vice versa offer completely new opportunities to reach users across the entire lifecycle span, maximizing return on invest for advertisers and giving both online and offline publishers a reason to be.

5. Classic Media Can’t Afford to Stay Out of Programmatic

The share of programmatic in total advertising spending is rapidly increasing. Advertisers are getting used to the benefits of precise targeting and personalized messages that fit with the user context – and will soon expect the exact same quality and performance from offline and out-of-home media.

6. Offline Media Goes Digital – And Becomes Online

For technical reasons, programmatic was not able to enter offline media and out-of-home advertising. Real-time bidding and automated media buying simply didn’t work outside of the Internet. But these constraints will disappear within the next three to four years as offline media outlets complete their digital transformation. Advertisers will soon be able to run all campaigns seamlessly integrated with each other, achieving higher impact and better results.

The bottom line: While classic offline media didn’t make it to the programmatic world quite yet, the latest developments are promising. For the future, we foresee an integrated advertising ecosystem that combines the best out of both worlds – with higher precision and efficiency, managed programmatically.

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