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From Strategy to Execution: 5 Steps to Kickstart Your Programmatic Advertising Programme

Programmatic advertising by the book? Such a thing doesn’t exist. What Amazon’s Jeff Bezos once formulated for the entire online business applies in the programmatic area as well: Every day is day one. Entering digital advertising is like embarking on a learning journey. With new data every moment and new ideas every minute, everything is constantly changing. However, because every decision maker is looking for orientation, we in our role as strategic consulting partner have formulated a few steps that should make it easier for businesses to get started with programmatic advertising.


1. Razor-sharp Goals: Clearly Visualize What You Want to Achieve

Programmatic means we can now measure and manage information that could only be guessed in the conventional world of advertising. User-related data is available in real-time and target groups can be addressed in their current online context and no longer on the basis of static demographic information. To do this, however, you must precisely define which goals you are pursuing: Do you want to motivate a user to make a purchase? Inspire them to sign up for a newsletter? Or that they leave their personal information in a contact form? It is only when these goals are clearly defined that you can effectively implement the tracking of the user journey to the desired conversion. For us as strategic adviser, this very first step is probably the most essential in every programmatic project.


2. Data Is Gold: Never Ever Shy Away from Working with Data

It is time to roll up your sleeves if the campaign goals are clearly defined because now it’s all about data. The key to the success of any programmatic program is the professional management and secure handling of the data that form the basis for optimal campaign performance. Since gathering, analyzing and consolidating data is a complex process; service providers such as adverserve undertake this task on your behalf. For example, we have implemented an independent ad server for METRO Cash & Carry that is managed by us and ensures METRO’s data sovereignty. We successfully launched a similar project together with IKEA Austria.


3. Laying the Foundation: Integrate Tracking Codes into Your Website

The prerequisite for distributing accurate advertising messages is the precise tracking of the user journey. To do this, you need to be able to provide your website with pixel codes to help you understand the user’s behaviour. In practice, external agencies or a global marketing department often manages websites. However, in order to be able to implement programmatic advertising quickly, you will need access to it. Clarify responsibilities and create the foundation for programmatic advertising on your website in time to be able to start your program without any delays. We know from our long-term experience in programmatic that projects can fail because of practical pitfalls like these – we wrote about the nuts and bolts in programmatic in on our our recent blog posts.


4. Programmatic Requires an Open Mindset: Learning as a Permanent Process

Starting with programmatic advertising requires saying goodbye to the demand for perfection. There is no master plan in the programmatic world, but only a structured approach for planned experimentation. In our role as programmatic experts, we support and coach our customers during the entire process through an intense and close collaboration. Data is the driving force and an open mind is the requirement for successful programmatic campaigns. The focus is always on your target group. Real-time information will help you to optimize your campaigns quickly and directly with the aim of addressing your users more precisely. However, the prerequisite for success is your willingness to go on a continuous learning journey, on which we could certainly support you at all times.


5. „Learn to walk before you can run – but at some point…run!“

Experimentation’s begin on a small scale. However, the more product groups and contact channels you include in your programmatic program, the more the question of the scalability of your setup comes to the surface. This can quickly bring a new complexity factor into play, especially for internationally established companies. Prepare for scaling early. The advantage of programmatic advertising is its efficiency. The larger a program is, the more economically viable it becomes and leaves well-known advertising alternatives light years behind. Make sure that you have sufficient resources with the right skills to avoid becoming a victim of your own success.


Summary: Programmatic advertising has secured a firm place in the advertising market. The annual growth rate is over 30 percent, while analysts suggest that the programmatic share of the total market is now well over 50 percent. Nevertheless, this is new territory for many advertisers with lots of things still undefined and experimentation on the daily agenda. Use our five tips we’ve outlined here for your entry into programmatic advertising so you don’t lose a sense of direction on your learning journey.


Are you thinking about using programmatic advertising to address your target group more precisely and to use your advertising budget more effectively? Write to us! We would love to advise you and help you navigate through the programmatic advertising world successfully:

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