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The Best of Both Worlds: How Private Marketplaces Help You Combine the Benefits of Direct Sales and Programmatic

Purchasing your advertising inventory directly from publishers will let you benefit from better placements and access to premium inventory that is not available in the open ad exchange. Private marketplaces (PMP) combine exclusivity with the efficiency of programmatic buying such as automated workflows, precise targeting and full data transparency. Let’s take a look how to successfully launch your PMP initiative.


The way to Programmatic Direct is via private marketplaces. More and more leading brands rely on PMPs, where publishers offer high-quality advertising inventory beyond the standard offered in open exchange. There are few meaningful statistics for Europe, but a glance at the US market reveals that the programmatic share through private marketplaces now accounts for about one third of the total budget, with an upward trend. The advantages are obvious: Through the direct relationship between advertiser and publisher, the way is open for more exclusive, but also more flexible, advertising formats, in which the needs of the advertisers and the possibilities for the publisher are optimally reconciled. We have compiled four aspects for you to bear in mind when entering private marketplaces.


  1. Personal Contact With the Publisher Partner Counts


You want to manage your campaigns with PMP programmatically and in a completely automated manner. However, you should establish personal contact when choosing your publisher partner. Select partners that have sufficient resources and expertise to work with you to develop an optimal solution and that are in the position to optimise campaigns and setup continuously. Unfortunately, some publishers have rationalised away this competence in the course of automation through programmatic. As a full service provider, we can offer advice during this process and help you to find the right publisher partner for your goals and needs.


  1. Do Not Rely Solely on Your Publisher Partner


The success of your campaigns that you manage through PMPs depends on the optimal combination of a suitable publisher partner and the appropriate technology. Do not rely solely on your publisher partner though. You should also get an overview of possible technology solutions. The market for ad technologies is now very extensive and, from our experience in numerous projects, we can confirm that selecting technology alone is a significant project in itself. But the effort is well worth it because your Programmatic Direct campaigns will only be successful if the PMP setup is optimally aligned to your requirements.


  1. Take Advantage of the Flexible Nature of Private Marketplaces


Premium inventory does not only mean high-quality, but also flexible in terms of formats and creatives. Define your audience as granularly as possible and match your creatives with your publisher partner. This is because in the end you shouldn’t just have access to exclusive and high-value inventory through PMPs. Your publisher partner should also help you design the appropriate creatives and inventory to which you don’t have access through the open exchange.


  1. Demand Transparency at all Levels


Like with all programmatic campaigns, it’s the aspect of automation and the rigorous work with data that makes PMPs tick like a Swiss watch. Not all publishers are able to meet these requirements yet. The same data that you use in the open exchange should be used for your campaigns across private marketplaces. Request data transparency on all levels. This is the sole way of making the most of your entire programmatic advertising and of optimising your campaigns along the entire lifecycle.


Summary: Adopt a two-pronged approach and secure your essential but efficient advertising inventory through open marketplaces. You can rely on direct deals with publishers for high-quality advertising spaces – via private marketplaces that are fully automated and transparent. This gives you the best of both worlds, namely direct access to exclusive inventory that is only available to you, and, at the same time, everything is managed programmatically.


As a managed service provider, adverserve would love to advise you on entering private marketplaces. In collaboration with our customers we have already successfully completed numerous PMP projects. As a full-service provider, we coordinate direct deals and set up the most appropriate programmatic technology all from a single source. Please send us an email:

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