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Falkensteiner Boosts Online Advertising with Support from adverserve

The Vienna-based Falkensteiner hotel group relies on programmatic advertising. In record time, the family company, together with adverserve, has set up a new ad serving infrastructure that addresses the target group more precisely than ever before. It’s an unparalleled success story proving that Falkensteiner’s approach is spot on: Johannes Angerer and his online marketing team now get significantly more bang for the buck in their online advertising.

Around half of all holidays start with one click. For hotel operators, this means more than ever: Being present at the right time when potential customers whip out their smartphone or book their holiday destination on a tablet screen. Competition is just one click away, and potential customers are becoming increasingly spontaneous and intuitive. Johannes Angerer is responsible for online marketing at the Vienna-based Falkensteiner Michaeler Tourism Group, and he knows how highly competitive hotel customers are on the internet. Together with his team, he is constantly laying the foundation for a significant proportion of the hotel group’s turnover.

Ad Campaigns Without Tangible Results Are Not an Option

As in all industries, the online share of sales in the hotel industry is growing rapidly. Around half of all hotel bookings are made online, and this trend is rising fast. The Falkensteiner group is no exception. Johannes Angerer and his team ensure that Falkensteiner is always present online, especially when users make the decisive click. They do this via intelligent online ad campaigns. Until about a year ago, the hotel group’s online advertising budget was managed by online marketing agencies, and they enjoyed moderate success. However, Johannes lamented the fact that the scatter loss was too large and the targeting was too imprecise.

After all, Falkensteiner aims for precision, which means advertising campaigns without clear goals are simply not an option. From the first point of contact with the Falkensteiner brand on the internet to staying in one of the group’s 32 hotels, the experience should be consistent, smooth and highly personalised. “Addressing our guests on the internet is the first point of contact with our brand for many. It is precisely then that we want to begin a unique digital experience that continues through the online booking process right up to staying in one of our unique Falkensteiner hotels,” describes Johannes.

Programmatic Lifecycle Campaigns Instead of Clumsy Advertising

For Falkensteiner, appealing to potential guests on the internet is far more than just a clumsy online advertisement enticing people with low prices. Johannes Angerer and his team have been working in cooperation with adverserve on a lifecycle-based campaign strategy for over a year. Together with adverserve, Falkensteiner relies on programmatic advertising where conventional display advertising reaches its limits using primitive retargeting approaches. With new media and cross-channel targeting approaches, Falkensteiner addresses its target group with tailor-made messages – depending on where a user comes from, what they’ve done in the past, and what interests and preferences can be derived from this.

With 32 hotels, Falkensteiner boasts a diversified offer that appeals to many market segments. The online marketing team around Johannes Angerer is correspondingly flexible in how they address the user. If you like luxury, you should feel right at home in one of the five-star hotels. If you are going on holiday as a family, you should choose one of the renowned family hotels. Thanks to data-based campaign management, Falkensteiner can advertise online to every relevant target group with tailor-made offerings. This is all without being intrusive and with a great deal of added value for users because the advertisement aptly speaks to their actual areas of interest based on individual user behaviour.

On a New Level With Real-Time Data and Full Channel Integration

In partnership with adverserve, Johannes Angerer laid the foundation for Falkensteiner’s new programmatically-managed campaign strategy last year. “We wanted to try something new,” recalls Johannes. “adverserve pretty quickly convinced us of the benefits of real ad server tracking – through real-time campaign data, integrating all digital channels into one system, and through consistently analysing and reporting our marketing activities.”

Falkensteiner now has control over all the data that is needed to continuously optimise the campaign cycle. “If adverserve had told us at the time that we would manage such a quantum leap in such a short period, we would have thought they were insane but experiencing them has proven they were right.”

International Expansion…and a Little Bit of World Domination

Falkensteiner now benefits from consistent campaign tracking. All the data required for campaign optimisation is available in real time. Thanks to the programmatic approach, the hotel group is simultaneously represented on channels that would not have been in reach before. These include premium media such as Conde Nast, NZZ or Süddeutsche Zeitung. Johannes: “In 2018, we intend to use ad serving even more internationally and form private deals. In the end, we always aim to provide the greatest possible added value for our target group…and to achieve world domination, a little bit at least 😉 And if our successful cooperation with adverserve continues, I see no reason to prevent us from achieving both goals.”




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