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The Digital Agency of the Future: 6 Characteristics that Make a Difference

We are Austria’s digital agency of the year! In an independent study, Medienwirtschaft carefully examined the 26 largest digital agencies in Austria. What we are particularly pleased about: We are leading the way when it comes to innovation and future sustainability. However, before we lose ourselves in a paroxysm of joy, we would like to get to the bottom of what should distinguish the next generation of digital agencies.

1. Maximum Technological Know-How

The agency of tomorrow no longer places technology in a department, but rather technology is its heart and soul. The right technical capabilities for individual needs are the key to sustainable advertising success. We live and breathe technology and work round the clock with the latest innovations and technological solutions.

Want an example? At the moment, the Blockchain idea has become increasingly popular to offer solutions to challenges in our industry. Our core competence programmatic advertising has repeatedly struggled with poor quality and fraud. Experts estimate that Blockchain will be the catalyst for a more responsible culture and better campaigns. We’ll keep you updated!

To keep up with the spirit of the rapid development of technology, we also founded the adverserve academy. With the Digital Competence Center, we want to support marketing managers as well as publisher and agency customers to keep their digital skills up to date so that they can reach their full potential.

2. Maximum Transparency

The agency of the future is your customers’ partner – but it’s not a partnership where the agency puts its feet up. Rather, it optimises campaigns non-stop, shows and explains all the data and is always working on better campaign architecture. The goal: Performance, performance and performance.

Modern agencies are aware of the challenges of transparency in digital advertising. The best ones want every last marketing expert to trust them implicitly and therefore want to guarantee 100 percent transparency – from the bid and the delivery right up to the reporting and billing.

3. Maximum Independence

The agency of the future is familiar with all ad technologies and fosters partnerships with the most important players. Nevertheless, it is 100 percent independent in the interests of your customers and always opts for the best solution. The team should be manageable. It’s not about the size, but rather that each individual is an expert in their field and feels really comfortable in their habitat. This allows for less dependence on third parties and enables the focus to be put on the customer without exception.

The agency of the future does not see itself simply as an advertising agency – it offers sound advice on all aspects. In general, it opposes exclusivity for individual partners, since the following principle applies to the individual areas and individual needs: Only what is best for the customer and nothing else! For us, we therefore only enter into high-quality collaborations with global players such as Sizmek and adform or local heroes such as Yieldlab or Meetrics.

4. Maximum Innovation

The agency of tomorrow tirelessly drives innovation forward – this is a reason why adverserve came off the best for research. Saying goodbye to the silo mentality and constant interdisciplinary exchange is what will characterise the agency of the future. It is always au courant and actively shapes new solutions for the entire industry.

We took this to heart from the very beginning and became one of the first agencies in Europe to specialise in topics such as programmatic and real-time advertising and to develop solid concepts for data management. Traditional marketing needs to reinvent itself.

The American Marketing Association is predicting that spending on digital advertising will exceed spending on TV advertising by 2018 for the first time. Be careful, however, this does not mean we should sweepingly overlook the potential of traditional media! TV and Co. continue to be of great importance. Modern agencies will make sure they have the right mix.

5. Maximum Data Analysis

Yes, digital agencies are often bubbling over with creativity – but there are no free artists working there. Success that is measurable and plausible is the alpha and omega of the agency with a future. That’s why every step and every decision is data-driven. The decision-making process of traditional agencies is often based on deep-rooted structures and habits. On the other hand, data based agencies make decisions together with customers based on the results of the data they’ve collected.

adverserve develops holistic, digital strategies for advertising campaigns that, for example, not only rely on the definition of the target group, but also analyse why, when and how the advertising goals were achieved.

6. Maximum Responsibility

Today, agencies can no longer rest their laurels on current results or a good name. The competition is big, as is the number of highly qualified talent. And customers need a whole different range of content. Let’s take Pepsi as an example: It formerly created four pieces of advertising budget per year, now it creates 4,000 – all while the overall amount stays the same.

Next generation agencies must be able to handle this, be quick to respond and flexible in rethinking. Does Facebook agonise over fake news? Is Google tackling the ad fraud problem? The agency of the future gets there a little earlier and is close to the heart of the action. As a partner to their customers, they take responsibility for their customers, anticipate problems before they arise and do not blame third parties when things go wrong.

Since we were founded in 2001, we have been committed to being responsible for what we deliver to our customers. Incidentally, we also keep a close eye on local and international discussions on the subject of data protection, work on codes of conduct, and adhere to IAB specifications like no other agency ranked in the study.

The bottom line: The individual needs of our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We take the time to understand exactly what customers want and then map out the best strategy for their goals. With years of expertise and investment in knowledge and innovation, we can deliver real promises of success and service quality. Yes, we are delighted about being awarded digital agency of the year!

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