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From Trend Scouting to Future Lab: adverserve’s New Business Unit Enterprise Is Working on the Future of Advertising

Our budding strategic partnership with Austrian Post is already bearing its first fruits. To mark the beginning of 2018, we have set up a new business unit dealing with a topic that concerns us all: the future. From now on, a dedicated team at adverserve will research new trends, business models and technologies.

Thomas Zant, Managing Director of adverserve Holding, has already extensively reported on the background and goals of our partnership with Austrian Post in this blog post. At the forefront are innovations in the advertising market that create added value for our customers and set the course for a sustainable digital future. As a result, we see ourselves as an innovation partner to our customers: We not only keep our finger on the pulse of the times, but we are also actively shaping future developments in the advertising market.

Focus Is on New Business Models and Technologies

Austrian Post with its 500-year corporate history and adverserve as a pioneer in the digital advertising market together want to use the shared business unit Enterprise to answer the big questions of the future: What are the most important digital trends of the next ten to twenty years? Which new business models will emerge? What effects will new disruptive technologies have on the online and offline advertising market – and their integration?

While our customers will benefit from the usual first-class service in day-to-day business, the business unit Enterprise will be taking a glance into the crystal ball. As a first step in the process, trend scouting deals with new developments in the entire digital landscape – and categorizes and evaluates them. We will be looking at Asia as well as the United States, since gaining an international perspective is now paramount more than ever before. In the next step, our future lab puts the latest developments to the acid test. To do this, we will primarily focus on practical applicability: Which innovations provide added value for customers – and when are they ready for practical usage?

From Trend Scouting to Completely New Service Offerings

Once the proof of concept is complete, new concepts and ideas leave the future lab and flow into the product management and business planning of adverserve and the digital service division of Austrian Post. At the end, this will result in new service offerings with a high degree of innovation, as well as clearly measurable and validated added value for our joint customers.

As an innovation engine and early explorer, Enterprise is working on future products for the advertising market. It is already obvious today that the role of Programmatic is rapidly evolving. Just a few days ago, eMarketer presented the latest forecasts – albeit for the German market. According to the predictions, spending on Programmatic digital campaigns will amount to 1.44 billion euros this year, which corresponds to 67 percent of the total expenditure for display campaigns. Just three years ago, the Programmatic share was just 35 percent – this means it has almost doubled within a very short time period.

New Impulses for the Digital Advertising Market

With the increasing dominance of Programmatic advertising, new demands are being made by our customers. More transparency in terms of campaign performance and fees has been high on the list of requests for some time now. To do this, we need new technology innovations. However, the definition of clear quality standards is another important concern which we’ll deal with at Enterprise. As a member of the IAB, we actively participate in the formulation of the Code of Conduct.

Despite all the digitalization efforts, many advertising campaigns are still based on offline media formats – this presents a huge potential for optimization in the future. We will concentrate on new technologies that will help build a Media 360 landscape. The integration of old and new media formats is paramount, which in the end will mean campaigns will be controlled completely programmatically as a one-stop-shop solution. The list of future topics is long – and we are just at the beginning of an exciting new journey with Enterprise.

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