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Adverserve is delighted to educate you!

Adverserve is happy to announce the official launch of its own digital academy – the adverserve academy – which focuses on educating the digital natives and leaders of tomorrow by offering multi-step seminars as well as single module tracks from the areas of “Digital Business Essentials“ and Programmatic. All modules and workshops are delivered by experts with significant hands-on experience in their field.

To tailor to the needs of our customers the adverserve academy will also offer bespoke training and workshop modules for advanced marketeers in the fields of Programmatic and Digital Marketing Essentials such as Social Media Marketing, Marketing Automation, SEO & SEM and more. Trending topics, like currently “GDPR” will also be part of our offering.

By implementing the renowned “70:20:10” training model, researched by Michael M. Lombardo & Robert W. Eichinger for the Center for Creative Leadership, the idea of the adverserve academy is to transfer and build sustainable knowledge with a mix of classroom trainings & workshops, coaching and hands-on experience follow up sessions. [70:20:10 model: 70% of learning and development occurs through experience, 20% through peers and 10% through structured courses and programs.] It is of essence to the adverserve academy to have a sustainable and meaningful impact on the digital business outcome of our learners.

The first seminar we are introducing in more detail is “Digital Business Essentials”. It contains of 9 consecutive modules (each full day) that deliver a vast scope of digital knowledge in various digital disciplines. Each module can also be booked outside the seminar, to offer flexibility to our learners that are already experienced in certain areas.

Besides the theoretical knowledge transfer, each module focuses on hands-on experience to be collected during the day of training, so that everybody leaves with “something tangible and usable”. It is important to the adverserve academy that participants can implement the learning immediately into their daily business life. To foster that, the end of the weeks-long seminar is the delivery of a strategic paper. (No worries, we are not looking for a bachelor paper) Only after showing successfully that the learned skills can be put into practice the new digital natives of tomorrow will be handed a certificate of achievement.

Alfred Mercier, a famous writer and physician, once said, “What we learn with pleasure, we never forget”. We will follow his credo and are delighted to educate and welcome you at the adverserve academy.

Visit us now at to start your learner journey.

For questions and inquiries please email the academy managers, Kerstin Wagner & Thomas Apollonio at or call +43 664 884 565 75.

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